What do we do?.

We provide consulting services:

A. Engineering

  1. Service and Planning Engineering.
  2. Environmental Analysis.
  3. Survey and Analysis (Land Quality, Agriculture, Forestry, Mining, and Marine).
  4. Mapping, Geographic Information System (GIS) and Remote Sensing.
  5. Energy Management Consulting.
  6. Statistical Analysis.
  7. Feasibility Study for Engineering Project in Indonesia.

B. Management

  1. Licensing and Administration Services.
  2. Social, Media and Public Relationship.
  3. Product advertising and branding.
  4. Training to Help and get expertise certification (ISO 9001, ISO 5001, ISO 28000, ISO 50001, ISO 140001, ISP/IEC 27001, etc) cooperating with the Certification Institute.
  5. Collaborating Management Study and Service.


  1. Training and IT Workshop (cooperating with the Certification Institute).
  2. Big Data Analysis.
  3. Database Management System.
  4. IT Solution.
  5. Website Development.
  6. Partnership for IT Investment in Indonesia.